Color Pop


Our showroom team is always collaborating on what inspires us, and what color palettes we feel will resonate with our customers. Over the last year, our showroom has seen a shift from what once was a very neural palette to one where you will see bolder, warmer tones mixed with grey, ivory, and beige. 

We are feeling color in a big way! It could be that we have all spent a lot of time at home, and want to bring some fun and cozy vibes into our spaces. Pops of color in your home, create character and can infuse energy or a sense of calm.


Your home should absolutely speak to you, and be a reflection of things you love and how you want to enjoy your downtime. With so many people working from home now, the Home has become an even more central part of our lives, carving out both our personal retreats and workspaces. It's important for Home to still feel relaxing, and that is where color can really help change your mood or outlook.

For us, our fall-winter inspiration meant incorporating oranges, burgundy and shades of green into our showroom. We wanted our guests to walk in and feel inspired by nature and its surroundings. Now as we creep out of winter and are heading to spring we are leaning towards brighter pastels, of blue, terracotta and yellow.

We are big believers in investing in timeless body fabrics on larger pieces of furniture and adding that wow factor with some very well edited prints that will bring the room to life. Styling your space should be fun and visually interesting. Layering textures and colors adds dimension and depending on how you are feeling, you can give any space a makeover with a quick little palette update.




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