Midcentury design continues to inspire in 2021


Are you looking for the perfect Midcentury Modern Sofa? If so, you are not alone. The simplicity of midcentury design is still popping up all over interior design blogs and Instagram as customers continue to fall in love with this design esthetic for their homes. Clean lines, great style and beautiful design drives the popularity of midcentury modern furniture. Certain retailers have really tapped into midcentury style, such as West Elm, which features a variety of tapered leg furniture in both wood and metal finishes.

Midcentury design, blends exquisite architecture with nature creating a sense or serenity in a home. People have spent a lot of time at home over the last year shifting back to basics. A love for cooking, creativity and design became trend worthy in 2020 as many took time to pick up new skills and update and revamp their homes. With that, we continue to see a strong presence of midcentury design and décor trending on social media and blogs. Vintage is in!

 When creating a beautifully thought out living space, the key is being very mindful of the elements you incorporate. Selecting items that are functional and eye catching. Midcentury modern furniture has a sophisticated simplicity, typically showcasing beautiful wood framed construction and sleek lines. This era in furniture design, was about craftsmanship and harmony in your home. Spaces were beautifully edited, and items thoughtfully placed. The philosophy of this esthetic is less is more and quality over quantity. Bold pops of color can definitely be found as the silhouettes are often soft and organic. This design concept, is playful in pairing opposites against one another. The result is something that is visually interesting and well thought out.

When selecting styles for our collection we wanted to include some midcentury looking pieces like the New York and Kora sofas. The Kora sofa, with its classic cone leg and button tufted details, is the epitome of Midcentury Modern furniture. It’s elegant and modest. Customers wanting both something stylish and sleek will love Kora's bench seat, which is a modern update to a classic look. It's the definition of simplicity and timeless style. When you think about midcentury design, you are thinking about sculptural pieces, bold graphics and a pairing of nature with the modern world, creating a calming juxtaposition of harmony.

Why is midcentury modern design so popular with consumers? Post World War two, the combination of technology and smaller living spaces created a shift in priorities for the modern home. People began moving from the suburbs to the city, and lifestyles shifted. The introduction of technology into design elements in our homes, continues to be a very vital aspect of how we live.

Our living spaces continue to get smaller and smaller as urban dwellings and suburban dwellings become more densely packed. A living room, now may have multiple functionalities serving as a home office and even sometimes a bedroom. A big factor in great design is scale and form, so when you are working with a smaller space, furniture that fits the size of the room is fundamental. You want your furniture to make sense and maximize the potential of the space while making it look as large as possible. A big design mishap is putting oversized pieces in a small space, they consume the room and make it look smaller than it really is. So, for smaller footprints, midcentury furniture offers the form and function that is ideal in creating an elevated space that works.

We’ve seen the midcentury influence begin to impact fabric trends in 2021. Fabric is a very important and vital decision when it comes to selecting furniture for a room. The influence of midcentury design, does not stop at the silhouettes that are dominating people’s mood boards. To discuss trends and their influences, we also need to discuss how Midcentury Design is affecting fabric trends and the overall look of client’s homes. Trending colors of green, rust, terracotta and blush are super popular with consumers, as there is a desire to bring color into the home in a much more impactful way than previous years where neutrals seemed to dominate the landscape.

We have seen a shift towards woven textures with a strong midcentury influence. While light linen looking fabrics in shades of off-white, ivory and grey, continue to be popular in some design concepts, a resurgence of opulence is happening. Consumers are looking for rich color palettes and soft textures.  These trending shades, definitely give off an iconic Mad Men look. Consumers want their homes to be spaces they can enjoy. The predominance of velvets and textured fabrics over the last two years identifies these shifting preferences.

Vintage décor has become more popular as consumer values focus on ecofriendly ways of decorating their home. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect to decision making when it comes to almost everything we buy. The popularity of the term up cycling is huge in the design world. Younger generations are turning away from big box retailers, and instead sourcing furniture and decorative accessories from funky vintage stores. They want something personal and they want quality. Consumers are making value centric buying decisions based on ethical and the environment. Shopping vintage becomes more than just trendy, it becomes a friendly choice for the planet. The focus on reducing consumption and waste is key as buying power shifts from one generation to the next.  It’s interesting to see shifting priorities in interior design as generations emerge. The strong sense of global consciousness of both Millennial’s and generation Z means there is a likelihood that the affinity we are seeing for vintage and midcentury pieces, isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


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