We pride ourselves in our ability to customize our styles to perfectly fit your space or personal preferences. Selecting a Van Gogh piece of furniture, means falling in love with the design, and having the ability to alter the styles specifications to maximize your seating in your home, or alter it to ensure it is ergonomically pleasing based on your own unique preferences. Overall dimensions may vary +/- 1" from dimensions listed.

We are able to alter:

  • Length
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Seat Depth
  • Seat Height

To ensure all of our furniture meets our quality standards, prior to confirming your order, any customizations are double checked with our engineering team to ensure the piece will be structurally sound.

When customizing your Van Gogh furniture, please ensure you are measuring entryways, elevators and stairwells prior to confirming your order. You will want to factor in both the access to your space and the room itself when determining the optimal dimensions of your piece.