Before you place an order with us, you must have an account. We understand how valuable your time is and our registration has been designed to take up not much of your time. Please contact our office to set up your account.


1. Order Processing

Q.  How do I place an order?

A.  Orders should be placed using the Van Gogh Order form. All orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. Incomplete information or data will delay the order process, so please ensure that your information is entered correctly, including PO and date required.

In addition, Please include:

1.  Style — such as Brittney, Cinderella, and Studio etc.

2.  Description — Sofa, Loveseat, Chair + ½, Chair, Chaise, Ottoman, Sectional, Storage Ottoman, extra Seat Cushion, extra Toss Pillows.

3.  Fabric Name — for body, toss pillows, or any combination of fabrics for body, arms, back, seat cushions, back pillows etc.

4.  Finish — style of legs and stain

5.  Quantity — Number of pieces for each item

6.  Special Requirements:

i.    Include directionality for chaise lounges or sectionals using the line diagram sheets provided.

ii.   Include any dimensional changes.

iii.  Include changes in foam.

iv.  Please specify when you require your item - rush charges will be levied if the date is earlier than our standard lead time.

v.   Orders will not be processed if your account is on credit hold.

7.  Shipping address — if different from your Store/Office address, Contact Person and Telephone Number.

8.  Fax to 604.543.5129 or email to orders@vangoghdesigns.com


Q. Do you acknowledge the receipt of our orders?

A.  Yes, acknowledgements are always faxed or emailed as a receipt of your order.

Q. Is there a charge for rush orders?

A.  Yes, please refer to the price list for charges.



2.  Acknowledgements

Q. How long should we wait for receipt of acknowledgements?

A.  Acknowlegements are sent out within 2 business days of order placement. If you have not received the acknowlegement within a week of order placement, please contact us.

Q. What details are included in the acknowledgement?

1. Acknowledgement Number — your tracking number.
2. Estimated date of delivery — based on our lead time.
3. Fabric availability.
4. If the fabric is back ordered, you will be contacted within a week from the receipt of your order.


Q. How accurate is the estimated ship date?

A.  Production lead time is generally estimated at 4 weeks from receipt of your order, if the fabric is in stock. However, it may increase or decrease depending on the production queue at time of order entry. Lead times do not include shipping to your area or delays in production due to fabric availability.

Q. Do you inform us if there is a delay in shipment of back ordered fabric?

A.  Yes, we will inform you of any delays in fabric as well as an estimated fabric ship date.



3. Amendment or Cancellation of Order

Q. What is the procedure for amending orders?

A.  Send your request to Order Entry. If your order has not been scheduled for production, the amendment will be processed without delaying your estimated ship date.

Q. Can we cancel our order without any penalty?

A.  Yes, you can cancel the order without any penalty provided that it has not started production.



4. Customers Own Material

Q. Do you accept COM fabrics?

A.  Yes, we accept COM fabrics, and the order process is the following:

1.  Complete the COM form and send to the Order Entry department for a yardage quote.

2.  The COM form will be sent back with requirements and approval.

3.  Send the completed COM form along with the Order form when the order is being placed.

Q. How do you estimate the fabric yardage required for a particular style?

A.  Please contact us. We will provide you with the exact yardage that is required, based on the repeat of the pattern.

Q. Is there a difference between the yardages required for production of a plain fabric versus that of a patterned fabric?

A.  Yes, the yardage required for pattern/plaid/stripe fabrics is generally 25% more than plain fabrics, taking into account the repeat, but contact us for exact requirements.

Q. How about matching the patterns on different components of the furniture piece?

A.  It is always our first priority to match patterns & stripes on different components, provided the fabric yardage is sufficient. Any specific requirement in your order should be noted.

Q. Should we always mention whether the fabric is to be placed Railroad or Up the Roll?

A.  Yes, see the COM form for guidelines.

Q. Should we indicate which side of the fabric is correct?

A.  Yes, please indicate by marking on the correct side of the fabric.



5. Custom Products

Q. Do you accept custom orders?

A.  Yes, we can customize our styles to suit your requirements. CNC technology enables us to easily make changes to styles by changing measurements such as height, depth, or length.

Q. Is there any up-charge for such a change?

A.  Yes, there are up-charges. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Q. Are the custom products covered under warranty?

A.  Yes, they are covered under warranty, but COM fabric or reverse use of our fabric is not covered.



6. Customer Service Calls/Claims for Manufacturing Defects

Q. What is the claim procedure?

A.  If there are material or manufacturing defects, contact our Warranty Claims department either by phone or e-mail. Fill in the Customer Service form and fax or e-mail this to us. Photographs of the defective piece(s) are also required to assess damage and determine the corrective action.

Q. How much time does it take to resolve claims?

A.  The Warranty Claims department will contact you the same day your claim is received. In order to process your claim promptly, please include pictures and a written description of your claim. If it is determined that there is a manufacturing defect then we will take immediate action to repair it or send a replacement service part.

Q. Freight Claims?

A.  Van Gogh Designs is not responsible for freight or transportation damage. Any damage to the pieces should be reported to the freight carrier and is the responsibility of the carrier. Please make your claim to the carrier accordingly. To make your freight claim easier, here are a few simple guidelines:

1.  Inspect the pieces before signing the waybill to ensure that they are received in good condition.

2.  If the packaging is torn or punctured, inspect the pieces with the freight carrier present.

3. Indicate on the waybill that the shipment is subject to further inspection. There could be unseen or hidden damage that is the responsibility of the carrier. In addition, if you feel that there might be some hidden damage, open the packaging with the carrier present.